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Acceptable Usage Policy

Acceptable Usage Policy Anti Spam Policies.

At Bulkemailmantra, we have come up with a zero tolerance policy for anti-spam emails to ensure best delivery rates and to safeguard the strong reputation of our beloved customers. To simply put it, we at Bulkemailmantra are purely anti-spam. We maintain the best standards of confidentiality for all our users. Of course, we hold perfect privacy of all email recipients of our customers. We vigorously strive to follow the following rules:

1. If you are delivering bulk emails that are non personal, commercial, and purely business focused, then you need to have absolute permission to email your intended recipients. You can ensure this by availing opt-in procedure, i.e. they should have consented to get mails from you, which is specifically acknowledged.

2. This rules out any purchased list that is intended to be used in the form of “Opt-in” and it is strictly not allowed in our email marketing system. So you should be able to quickly verify where and when each email recipient has subscribed to receive your email newsletter.

3. Moreover, you should not avail the methods of harvested email addresses, as it is clearly prohibited in our system of mass mail marketing. So in other words, you cannot use a special software that can create email lists automatically by procuring email addresses from forums, websites, or other such kind of unethical email correspondence means.

4. It is critical to keep your email list data current and clear. Never use old mailing lists based on outdated data, as it can subsequently lead to numerous spam complaints. This can happen as the recipients could have totally forgotten about what business you represent and naturally do not expect to receive any emails from you.

5. We explicitly prohibit any volume of email that is unsolicited and that which is classified as “Spam”.

6. You need to make sure that the email addresses are perfectly valid, as there is a higher chance of our 7. servers being purely blacklisted or blocked due to excessive usage of resources.

8. No email message envelopes and message headers must be malformed, missing, or forged. The bulk email message subject lines should never consist of misleading or fake information.

9. If in case you receive any kind of spam complaints, then the email recipient should be swiftly erased from your email marketing list.

10. When you are sending the same message to bulk emails, ensure to include in the mail a well working unsubscribe link.

11. Any complaints related to Spam are considered as a direct violation to our terms and conditions and could lead to the quick suspension of your email marketing service and even the closure of your account with us most possibly. Furthermore, it also disqualifies you from any kind of refund.

Although, we do realize that anyone who delivers such bulk emails can possibly receive a few spam complaints. We consider a genuine opt in mailing list ratio of 1 spam complaint per every 4000-5000 mails sent. We even look at multiple factors that can include the nature of complaints, ratio, and more. We will contact you regarding any such spam issues, renewal notices, and occasional error reports at your billing email address. So kindly ensure to keep it always updated.


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