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With ethical marketing to comply with anti-spam act consumers require opt-in permission before a business communication.Without consent , people don’t like it and it makes the marketer loose reputation.
Bulk email mantra is helping advertisers to reaching their targetted audience through publishers across industry. Affiliate Email marketing helps to increase the inbox delivery and open rates with high CTR of email campaigns.
With Bulk email mantra affiliate email marketing you can reach to your target audience and get the maximum return on investment through using our affiliate email system. We at Bulk email mantra are doing a single campaign with multiple publisher in same target audience to make sure you get best responses for your business.
Bulk email mantra will provide LIVE/Real time analytics for your affiliate email marketing campaign.You will be getting credential to view your running campaign with open rate etc.

For commercials please provide us :

Company name:
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Sample email content:
Mailer design required or not:
Email these details with your requirement to info@bulkemailmantra.com

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Send emails that look great on any device

Every one of our templates is responsive and mobile-friendly. Your email will look great whether its read on a PC, tablet or a smartphone. Design it once and it automatically adapts to your readers screen size.

Our Client

"With StrongView, we now have the control and data integration necessary to respond quickly to market changes with personalized messages that drive results and customer satisfaction."


"I really love your product. The best part about my campaign is being able to look at the reports. It's great to be able to see how many people have read the newsletter, who they are, what links they clicked on and how many apparently never opened the newsletter."

Rich Kizer

"If you are looking for a great email marketing service, Bulk email mantra is at the top. This service has everything that you'll need to target your audience, create a compelling email, monitor results and boost your sales."

Gagan, Manali

"Bulk mail mantra Email is easy to use and helps enormously. Once I jumped in and started creating and sending campaigns, I just couldn't believe how easy it was to manage and send all my emails. Our sales have increased 20% since we started using Bulk email mantra Email.



Micronet has spread its expertise not just in email marketing but in various other domains such as information technology, mobile technology ,travel, bulk SMS,bulk email more digital service. The importance of communication has increased many folds and today, businesses are incurring heavy expenditures to keep up with the demand. Gone are the days when people used to rely heavily on certain media tools to promote their businesses.

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