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Terms and Conditions

This accord clearly sets out the lawfully binding terms of our email marketing services usage by you and could be altered or modified by us whenever it is necessary. By accessing or registering for our bulk email marketing services, you straightly agree that you have clearly read and understood these terms and consider it to be the lawful equivalent of an equally binding written contract. In other words, you agree to be a subject to all the content and terms and conditions that is set forth in this agreement. You also agree to periodically review this agreement to be aware of any additions or modifications.

Summary of Service :

The bulk email marketing service provided by us enables you to easily deliver electronic messages that consist of good media content, which could consist of music, videos, images, and any other interactive features. Any kind of new feature addition or upgrade shall be the sole subject to these terms and conditions of the accord.

Intellectual Property :

We exclusively own the rights of all the intellectual property, titles, content, special materials, which can also consist of the software, sound, graphics, music, animation, and text. Any kind of unauthorized usage may result in direct violation of the copyright laws set forth legally, trade secret laws, trademark laws, patent laws, and other type of similar rights.


Micronet has spread its expertise not just in email marketing but in various other domains such as information technology, mobile technology ,travel, bulk SMS,bulk email more digital service. The importance of communication has increased many folds and today, businesses are incurring heavy expenditures to keep up with the demand. Gone are the days when people used to rely heavily on certain media tools to promote their businesses.

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